Manfredi Tringali

Manfredi Tringali

Freelance, Commercial Agent AR Market, Italy

AR Market is an innovative start-up born from the idea of ​​a group of marketing specialists and augmented reality solutions. We create immersive experiences to bring business and technological innovation projects to life. We cooperate with international associations (ESA,EUFMD) and large companies ( P&G, ARMANI, DURACELL).We would like to offer our services also to all medium-small enterprises that aim to improve their business technology.rn

AR Market

We provide content and applications in augmented reality and virtual reality, as well as the activity of press services, publishing in general in compliance with the regulations in force, information services, graphics,texts, formats of any kind, artistic direction, advertising for internet; creation, design and distribution of tablet applications, smartphone and pc; creation, design and distribution of websites aimed at promotion and diffusion of the services provided and not; the ideation,the realization, organization, management and distribution on account own and on behalf of third parties, of any form of advertising, event, show, exhibition, conference and review with artistic character, cultural, sports, political, technical and scientific and/or information, promotional or inherent the scope of public relations and the communication in general and participation in the same; the company may also provide market research services, information systems computerized know-how supplies.


Via Di Val Fiorita 86 00144 Roma Italy
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