Anne Snel

Anne Snel

Freelance, UX Designer Freelance, Belgium

Anne is an Immersive Experience Designer based in Brussels, Belgium. She ventured into the XR industry looking for impactful socially-positive content, as she was graduating from her master’s degree in Digital Advertising and Communication in Brussels. In just a few years, she has dived into the very heart of immersive experience creation and worked under celebrated contemporary directors, such as Tupac Martir, Sergio Ochoa and Anrick Bregman. rnAnne speaks six languages. Her adventurous nature h


I make experience make sense. For that, it has to be coherent all the wa. What is the commissioner's intention with the experience? Who is the target user and what are their wants, limitations? Should an idea be applied to XR? If yes, how can the medium's potential elevate the experience? When these questions have coherent answers, the end result is pretty impactful and amazing! I love to make sure that happens.


. . . Brussels Belgium
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