Felix LeBlanc

Felix LeBlanc

Employee, VP Sales & Partnerships OVA inc. , Canada

OVA inc.

OVA, the parent company behind the StellarX platform, was founded in 2014 with the mission to develop authoring tools that are easy to use, highly configurable, and accessible to contribute to the democratization of XR. Most of the existing content today has been developed by technical teams highly skilled in programming and 3D design software making it hard for non-technical users to rapidly generate and customize content. This technological gap hinders widespread adoption and as such is a major blocker for many companies and government agencies that lack the in-house expertise or the budget to hire firms specialized in XR content development. This steep learning curve and the level of expertise needed to create synthetic environments limits access to quality content right now. This problem is precisely what motivated OVA to develop its authoring software StellarX and to build the right technical expertise to support such developments.


Sherbrooke St W, 1196 H3A1R6 Montreal Canada
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