Deepa Mann-Kler

Deepa Mann-Kler

CEO, CEO Neon | Visiting Professor In Immersive Futures Ulster University Northern Ireland | Non-Executive Director | Artist Neon, United Kingdom

Deepa is an award winning visual artist; author; CEO of Neon a health technology company; Visiting Professor In Immersive Futures with Ulster University Northern Ireland and serves as a non-executive director across the UK. As a thought leader and TedX speaker she keynotes at conferences on the intersection of creativity, technology, innovation, diversity, ethics, bias, culture, data, health and wellbeing through compelling storytelling.


Neon is a wellbeing company that uses immersive technologies to improve health outcomes. Neon has a clear vision to create software applications in virtual, augmented and mixed realities to give people choice. Our values are to develop products that meet consumers needs and are designed in response too and alongside this need. We believe successful technology teaches people skills they can use in real life and enables people to feel human.


c/o Ormeau Baths 18 Ormeau Avenue BT2 8HS Belfast United Kingdom
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