Victor Gradinescu

Victor Gradinescu

CEO, Founder Immersive VR Labs, Romania

Tech entrepreneur since 2011, in charge with leading the Android Development Team but also architecting cloud solutions and microservices backends. Founded a VR startup in 2017, currently working on our first product. I am also co-organizing Google Developer Groups in Bucharest. Previously I was a full stack Java Developer and did research in Vechicular Computing.

Immersive VR Labs

While implementing various VR installations for our clients at various exhibitions or shows we've found VR to be a very solitary experience. While the current player is having lots of fun, all the rest sit and watch impatiently.rnOur idea is to create a product that helps organizations deliver multi-user experiences, where they can easily manage the content to be consumed in VR and the users can watch it simultaneously benefiting from social micro interactions (guidance, pointing, audio).rnWe have already validated our idea delivering the product to a medical laboratory as an employee training solution and to a Yachting School for delivering immersive training.


Lacul Tei Blvd 123 020383 Bucharest Romania
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