Fabian Rahier

Fabian Rahier

Employee, Directeur de Projets GEO314, Luxembourg

Graduated as an Industrial Engineer in Construction (option Surveyor and Civil Engineering / Bac +5), in 2001, in Belgium, I have always worked in the field of topography and data acquisition.rnIn my first jobs, I held technical sales positions for several years.rnSince 2014, I have oriented my career "towards the field" in technical offices.rnI am professionally attracted by management, high technology and the integration of my work in the production lines I am involved in.


GEO314 is a group of 3 offices of Surveyors and Urban Planners.rnSince 2002, we have focused on topography and measurement with 12 areas of expertise developed over the years: official, technical, railway, BIM, GIS, 3D modelling, topometry... Our development is based on our values (safety, accuracy/precision and deadlines) and respect for everyone.rnToday, we are active in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland...rnWe seek to understand the world around us, the needs of the people/companies we meet in order to make a modern and relevant technical contribution to the projects we are involved in.


Route d'Esch 57 3332 FENNANGE Luxembourg
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