Eleftherios Anastasovitis

Eleftherios Anastasovitis

Researcher, Software engineer, VR serious game designer/developer, 3D artist Pyrseia Informatics, Greece

Eleftherios is a software engineer and VR serious games designer and developer in Pyrseia Informatics. He is a research assistant in MK-Lab/ITI/CERTH, in the fields of Virtual Reality, 3D Graphics and Serious Games. He is PhD Candidate in Applied Informatics (VR and Serious Games). Eleftherios has received the MSc in Cultural Informatics and Communication, and the MEd in Adult Education. His BSc in Informatics comes from AUTh. He has an extended portfolio in 3D and VR productions: www.pyrseia.gr

Pyrseia Informatics

Full-immersive VR Serious Games for better understanding of Cultural Heritage, Training and Education.


Ippokratous 37 55134 Thessaloniki Greece
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