Clementine Francois

Clémentine Francois

CTO, Chief Scientific Officer PHASYA, Belgium

Clémentine Francois has an MS in biomedical engineering and a PhD in engineering from the University of Liège in Belgium. During her doctoral studies, she gained experience in teaching and in research and development in the Dept of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is the co-founder and the Chief Scientific Officer of Phasya Company, specialized in the development of innovative solutions for the monitoring of human physiological and cognitive states.


Phasya offers adaptive software solutions for the monitoring of physiological and cognitive states (e.g. drowsiness, stress, cognitive load, ect.) that influence human performances, well-being and user experience. Our solutions are mainly based on the analysis of data coming from the human body such as eye movements and heart rate, independently or in combination. Our hardware agnostic technology combines various data specifications from different sensors. Furthermore, the software is quickly and easily integrable into customer's platforms. rnPhasya combines expertise in engineering, human factors, sleep medicine, and neurology to deliver relevant and reliable solutions on the market and for several applications. rnrn


Rue Bois Saint-Jean 29 4102 Seraing Belgium
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