Michael Schoggl

Michael Schöggl

CEO, CEO & Co-Founder e.com, Austria

Among others Michael studied Psychology at KFU-Graz (Austria). He worked for several years as an autodidact software developer on the largest German MUD (texture based RPG online game) and was able to almost double the number of users within just 3 months thanks to his attractive developments. He has more than 12 years experience with software & game development, 5 years with VR/AR, 14 years with psychology, is a serial-entrepreneur, author & Austrian Chapter President of the VR/AR Association.


What’s the biggest value of the Internet and apps? – Content!rnrnWhat’s the reason for most problems in our digital life? – The “hurdle of providers”. Users search for content, but they find providers and are often forced to install numerous apps – which all look and work differently.rnrnSolution: As a new type of 3D/VR/AR-Interface "connect" integrates all other networks and all content into only one single app: communication services, social networks, media, games, all types of services, shopping, etc.rnrnconnect works on every device (incl. PS 4) and makes all content accessible in a few seconds, regardless of the provider. E.g. find all video content in only one video player or all friends in only one list or chat.rnrnTo make this new interface as intuitive, expandable and customizable as possible, connect looks like a virtual world which is 3D/VR/AR-capable and ready to become the starting point for Web 3.0 - and which makes integrated content device-


Bürgergasse 13 Graz 8010 Austria
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