Fabio Mosca

Fabio Mosca

CTO, Co-founder and CTO at AnotheReality AnotheReality, Italy

I'm the Co-Founder & CTO at AnotheReality, an XR development studio focused on entertainment and next level interactive simulations for training and education.rnWith my team of XR pioneers, we bring our expertise in VR technologies and game development in our videogames (commercial and lbe) and in our business solutions.rnI am a firm believer of VR and MR potential since 2013. I love to work on game programming and game design challenges, while researching new UX VR paradigms.


Born in Milan in 2014, we are a studio specialized in the development of immersive solutions in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), today commonly referred to as Extended Realities (XR).rnWe develop solutions for simulation & training, business and entertainment, transforming new technologies into creative and innovative projects.rnOur team has many years of experience in AR/VR development and is teaching at the most prestigious Italian academies and universities.


Via Privata Deruta 20 20132 Milano Italy
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