Andres Leon-Geyer

Andres Leon-Geyer

Researcher, Creative director, artist & academic. hautkai , Peru

Artist in interactive media = generative visual and sound, mainly in scenic context. Researcher & adjunct professor in 2 universities (PUCP & UPC) in Peru, previously in Germany and Mexico. I focus in media culture, new media trends, technological posibilites and related fields, mediating between theory and praxis. Creative director in NewMedia por advertising. Studied Philosophy in Peru, Mexico and in Germany, there also theatrology, musicology and film directing.


I am here to hear, discuss, and see posibilites, not to offer a certain and delimited product. Being German and Peruvian, I look forward to establish bounds and discussions over the ocean, spreading this links into local institutions on both sides. And I am very interested in cross-linking between artistic work, technological industry and academic research.


Victor Maldonado 296 15048 Lima Peru
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