Francois Denis

Francois Denis

Employee, BIM & XR technical Advisor Belgian Building Research Institute, Belgium

François Denis serves as technical advisor in the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI-CSTC-WTCB) which is a reference in research and innovation in the construction sector. He drove the development of the first Belgian guide to BIM together with early-adopters and was an active member of the BIM & ICT committee. His PhD research focused on digital tools for better informed design and today, he explores the potential of XR in the construction sector.

Belgian Building Research Institute

According to its statutes, the BBRI has the following three main tasks:rnrn to perform scientific and technical research for the benefit of its membersrn to supply technical information, assistance and advice to its membersrn to contribute to the general innovation and development in the construction sector, more specifically by performing contractual research upon the request of the industry and the authorities.rnrnTo fulfil these tasks, the BBRI pools on the expertise of more than 200 highly skilled and motivated staff members coming from various educational backgrounds, working in multidisciplinary teams depending on the treated subject.


Rue du Lombard 42 1000 Brussels Belgium
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