Alexander Mikula

Alexander Mikula

Freelance, DoP HIDDEN CREW, Austria

Alex produces photos, film and VR for companies, focussing on corporate communication and training. rnrnHe owns a production company named MI-KU (, rnis the camera and post-processing part of SUZY AM SOFA ( and rnco-founded HIDDEN CREW PRODUCTIONS (


HIDDEN CREW specializes in VR safety training for industrial work environments and building industry.rnrnWe strive to let employees experience possible safety issues and support their learning of correct behaviour to make work safer.rnrnOur VR Safety Trainings consist of real live 360° 3D footage of work environments, enhanced with CGI for interaction and feedback. The VR Safety Training is scalable, multi-langual and can be conducted at any location - idependent of the real work environment and without incurring safety risks.


Brünner Str. 209/6/2/14 6/2/14 1210 Wien Austria
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