Anja Smith

Anja Smith

Employee, Chief Operations Officer Potential Synergy, United States

Producer/Social Media Influencer is the active Chief Operations Officer of Potential Synergy INC where she co-developed two wellness virtual reality apps. She founded Mindfully Augmented where she explores the line between the tech & wellness. Prior to Potential Synergy INC, Anja was a reviewer of health tech products and a contributing Blogger for VR Today Magazine. www.MindfullyAugmented.comrn

Potential Synergy

Potential Synergy INC has been innovating in the VR industry and emerging tech since 2015. Its focus has been passive interaction and the invisible transition technique ‘Fringe Editing.’rnFor the past 4 years, Potential Synergy INC has been at the bleeding edge of the emerging tech world and is re-defining how we consume and understand the world via 3D media. rnWe do research, experiential design, and development.rnEvery project is different and we offer a wide range of capabilities :rnRapid iteration rnNarrative structuringrnInteractive and spatial designrnAnimation and motion capture


pine st 225 11520 freeport United States
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