Julia Bruton

Julia Bruton

CEO, Writer / Producer Sinnema Animation Studio , Germany

rnAfter finishing her engineering degree in the field of “digital television” Julia went 2004 to Berlin to study at the German Film and Television Academy. In her work she focuses on female perspectives and characters. In 2016 she co-founded the Sinnema Animation Studio and started diving into the field of Virtual Reality. She is currently working on the VR piece “The Matriarx” and explores this medium with its hidden depths and possibilities whilst creating a world with matriarchal structures.

Sinnema Animation Studio

The SINNEMA Animation Studio was founded after a long lasting cooperation with the sinnwerkstatt Media-Agency sinnwerkstatt Corporation, which committed itself to an eco-social change and is bound to the guidelines of the common welfare economy.Based on that history the SINNEMA Animation Studio combines craftsmanship with a strong emphasis on team work. In direct correlation to that our work and productions are process oriented. rn rnThe SINNEMA Animation Studio strikes new paths: Not only do we look into actual and new animation techniques for each single project but we also contribute with emotional storytelling and focus on the effects of our animated projects. We are aware of our responsibility towards such effects and we do not want to abuse our knowledge in terms of negative or suggestive manipulation of the viewers. On top of that we try to work against stereotypical characters and storytelling and instead create innovative worlds who inspire to widen an horizon.


Mehringdamm 99 10965 Berlin Germany
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