Ralf Klamma

CTO, Founder WEKIT ECS, Ireland

Ralf Klamma holds diploma, doctoral and habilitation degrees in computer science from RWTH Aachen University. He leads a research group at the information systems chair. He is known for his work in major EU projects for Technology Enhanced Learning. His research interests are community information systems, serious games, augmented reality & wearables, web engineering, social network analysis, requirements engineering and technology enhanced learning.


WEKIT ECS is a start-up building industrial-grade Performance Augmentation solutions. WEKIT ECS holographic solutions radically augment the apprentice-expert relationship with Mixed Reality by allowing the novice to 'wear the expert', improving and speeding up knowledge transfer. The founder team brings to the table more than 100 years of experience in XR, routinely delivering agile projects across the globe.


Suite 17, The Cubes Offices Beacon South Quarter D18 E932 Sandyford, Dublin Ireland
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