Vitomir Jevremovic

Vitomir Jevremovic

CEO, Founder & CEO VR-All-Art, Switzerland

Founder and CEO of Digital Mind and VR-All-Art companies with a background in both development and business. He has been creating VR, AR, web and mobile apps in the fields of marketing, culture, and education. He has worked and authored projects for brands such as UBS Bank, BMW, SAP, AMD, Heineken, Nescafe, Mercedes Benz, Philip Morris, etc. Authored one of the first VR museums - VR museum of Nikola Tesla. He has a degree in archeology and a passion for digital communication, museums and arts.


VR-ALL-ART is a groundbreaking platform and a new marketplace for artists, galleries, museums and the general public to exhibit, explore and acquire art in the virtual and augmented worlds. VR ALL ART sets the foundation for an unprecedented evolution of art exhibitions, art spaces and art trading. It is an unlimited world in a new reality – a metaverse of galleries and museum spaces with no borders and no physical boundaries. It enables everyone to explore artworks and discover artists from all over the world wherever they are, at any time. It also gives new power to artists, as they are no longer constrained to the physical limits of real-world space and time.


Dammstrasse 16 6300 Zug Switzerland
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