Stephanie Wilain

Stephanie Wilain

Researcher, Doctoral researcher in Art Science Ghent University, Belgium

Interdisciplinary postgraduate traversing multiple domains of Business, Humanities, Art, and Science with a solid background in experimental and data-driven work. Currently working as a doctoral researcher at the Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM) in the Art-Science Interaction Lab (ASIL) of Ghent University, in Belgium where I am working on concert halls of the future.

Ghent University

IPEM is a research center in systematic musicology, directed by Prof. dr. Marc Leman at Ghent University. It was founded in 1963 and has a long and successful history in innovation in the arts. The center's focus today is on embodied music cognition and expressive interaction with music. Interdisciplinary methods are developed based on music theory, performer-inspired analysis, advanced behavioural and neuroscience empirical experimentation, statistics, and computer modelling. At IPEM music-based feedback systems are created, for applications in domains such as music education, rehabilitation, sports activities, and arts. In 2017 IPEM opened its ArtScienceInteractionLab (ASIL) where hightech experiments with new digital technology for augmented reality are conducted. The lab is operating with a joined team of professional researchers and artists, and works at artistic forms of expression for tomorrow.


Miriam Makebaplein 1 9000 Ghent Belgium
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