Ulrich Schrauth

Ulrich Schrauth

CEO, Artistic Director VRHAM! Festival, Germany

Ulrich Schrauth is the initiator and artistic director of the “VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival” in Hamburg. In addition, as Head of Immersive Content he is responsible for various international artistic projects in the field of digital media. He has a broad professional experience in the artistic planning, organization and curating of festivals, theater and music productions as well as in public relations and marketing.

VRHAM! Festival

VRHAM! - Virtual Reality & Arts Festival Hamburg is the first international artistic Virtual Reality festival. Exactly one year after the first festival edition in June 2018, VRHAM! is already established as an important date in the international VR art scene. The festival offers a unique platform for both artists and visitors to engage with this new immersive art form. A festival for and by artists who are literally breaking into new dimensions with the new medium of virtual reality.


Grädenerstraße 4 20257 Hamburg Germany
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