Giorgos Albanis

Giorgos Albanis

Researcher, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer Moverse, Greece

I’m a Ph.D. student specializing in human motion capture and machine learning at the University of Thessaly and a co-founder at Moverse. With a foundation in computer vision research, formerly at CERTH/ITI, my interests span multiple-view geometry, machine learning, and computer graphics. In this space, I will explore my projects and research where technology and practical application converge to address computer vision challenges.rnrn


In response to the growing need for digitized human motions across various industries, our company is at the forefront of innovation, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to revolutionize human motion capture and creation at scale. The urgency of our mission is underscored by the substantial costs, intricate complexities, and widespread fragmentation plaguing the current market solutions. We bring the only one-stop-shop that accelerates 3D Animation workflows in terms of costs, time and manpower capacity. We offer affordable motion capture options for diverse use cases, tools for faster capturing with less takes to be captured needed and post-production services for minimizing manual editing, while generative AI offers further options and heterogeneity with respect to production requirements.


Steliou Kazantzidi 47 55535 Thessaloniki Greece
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