Stefan Oeldenberger

Stefan Oeldenberger

CTO, Software Partner Manager Schneider Digital, Germany

Schneider-Digital is an industry leader for passive-stereo desktop displays, manufacturing the dual-screen PluraView monitors in Germany with sales and stereoscopic software partners worldwide. Professionally, I have been involved with stereo imaging since 1989, starting with analytical stereoplotters for aerial photography and the first prototypes of fully digital stereoplotters with active LCD shutter glasses from 1990 onwards at Intergraph, one of the pioneers of digital photogrammetry.

Schneider Digital

Manufacturers of the passive-stereo and dual-screen PluraView stereoscopic displays;rnSpecialized in graphics Workstation hardware (Pulsaron, Centuron and Nepturon series)rnManufacturers of large-format VR walls (smartVR Wall) and stereoscopic development & certification partner for many software companies


Maxlrainer Str. 10 83714 Miesbach Germany
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