Andrii Tuzhykov

Andrii Tuzhykov

Researcher, Machine Learning Engineer Culture Lab Production , Ukraine

I am machine engineer with strong math and physics background. Also I have strong skills in project/cutural managements. I have experience in cooperation with EU-transborder projects and donors as Erasmus+, British Council, SIDA, USAID and NED. Author of book "A Brief History of Technology: How to Understand One’s Own Gadget", articles, novels and science fiction prose.

Culture Lab Production

Welcome to Culture Lab Production, a powerhouse of creativity and innovation in the realm of virtual reality (VR) experiences. We are a passionate team of visionary developers, artists, and technologists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of art, culture, and technology through the immersive world of VR.


Turetska str 15, app 1 58008 Chernivtsi Ukraine
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