Nathalie PAQUET

Nathalie PAQUET

CEO, CEO & Fouder Urban Expé, France

Nathalie spent 7 years at Le Cube, a pioneering center in interaction technologies for digital creation, notably as Innovative Projects Manager. rnIn 2010, she initiated the largest digital urban game in France. Following this experience, she founded Urban Expé in 2012. She has a strong expertise in interactive storytelling and new forms of innovative entertainment. rnOur job : making stories to take you on adventures in motion in which you are the hero !rn

Urban Expé

ExtraS : Gamified Sports Adventures rnWith our playful sports adventures: move to progress, play to exercise !rnOur promise : a leisure activity which allows you to live extraordinary experiences while doing sports!rnExtraStory > Immersion, storytelling, gamification engage participants, divert attention from the effort and bring replayability of the experience!rnExtraSport >The participants are like the heroes of our films, involved and in action! They embark on an adventure, where your body becomes the controller of the game!rnSport movement sequences become combos to move forward in the game.rnExtraStation >Participants are embarked on an immersive real-time adventure : touch interfaces, sound, light and video translate their actions and movements into the game.rn


impasse Wagner 8bis 92130 ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX France
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