Myriam Servieres

Myriam Servières

Professor, Associate Professor AAU, France

Myriam SERVIERES is associate professor in computer sciences atrnEcole Centrale Nantes and a member of CNRS JRU Ambiences, Architecture and Urbanity since 2006. She received an engineering degree in computer science and a M.Sc. in applied computer science from Ecole Centrale Nantes in 2002 then she achieved a Ph.D. in university of Nantes in 2005. Her research interests are in on-site precise geolocalisation, Augmented Reality and usages of such techniques in urban environments


The Laboratory’s research is embedded in the spatial aspects of our society, through the sensitive prism of the ambiances, the different forms of architectural materiality, and the numerous social and cultural dimensions regarding urbanities.rnrnHistorically built around the concept of architectural and urban ambiances, the AAU Laboratory’s scientific project has for main objectives first to develop, on a theoretical and practical level, the relationship between ambiances, architectures and urbanities, with an interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and multi-scaled aim and then to elaborate and spread methodological innovations which provide relevant tools to analyse and act. They also allow for the refocusing of the approaches of spaces, of their practices and of the resulting opportunities, as well as for the experience of new ones.


Quai François Mitterand 6 44200 Nantes France
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