Uros Spruk

Uros Spruk

CTO, mgr UScom d.o.o. (l.t.d.), Slovenia

25years in RF system integration HF VHF UHF, avionics, GMDSSrn15years holding courses GMDSS ROC certificatern2005 starting R&D on field of telematics (GPRS vehicle tracking), survived global fin crisis still in oprn2007 starting R&D on ERP (NodeJS, AngularJS), survived global fin crisis still in oprnactive support to digital transformation on the field of farming sector in Sloveniarnseveral projects of automatisation and digitalisation of farming from plant to livestockrnlooking for partners

UScom d.o.o. (l.t.d.)

www.sledat.comrntelematic and erp solutions for transport and farming


Polhov Gradec 93 SI-1355 Polhov Gradec Slovenia
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