Eric Jutten

Eric Jutten

CEO, CEO The Simulation Crew, Netherlands

Master in geography at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Eric has always been convinced of the power of “learning by doing”. He started The Simulation Crew in 2000. From creating computerbased and webbased simulations for corporates and organisations the company (9 employees) nowadays is full in to AI and VR for communication training.

The Simulation Crew

Product: VR Communication training, for corporates, organisations and vocational and higher education. rnUsage of AI system and speech technology to learn how to communicate using:rnSpeech recognition / Sentiment analysis / Keyword detection / Eye tracking / Gesture recognitionrnAI controlled agents / Human voices / Lip Sync / Non-verbal behavior / Evolving emotionsrnRule-based performace measurement / Intelligent feedback / SaaS Learning management & Analytics applicationrnrnLots of cooperation with leading Knowledge institutes like Radboud univesity's Behavioral Science institute.rnUnity 3D rn


Oude Haven 102 6511XH Nijmegen Netherlands
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