Michael Calver

Michael Calver

CEO, CEO and Founder Viewr, United Kingdom

CEO & Founder of Viewr, a Falmouth Launchpad accelerated company based in the United Kingdom. With Viewr, you can easily transform CAD & BIM files into virtual experiences and share to any device, anywhere, in seconds. For more information, please visit www.viewr.xyz


3D Visualisation forms a crucial part of the design, construction and management of the world around us by conveying ideas, designs and finished products to stakeholders and customers. Whilst the technology brings proven benefits, it requires a substantial financial investment and hundreds of man-hours to deliver and maintain, posing a major barrier to entry for many people and organisations. Ultimately, this leads to reduced profit margins, wasted time and final designs of spaces and places that fail to meet the needs of end users.rnrnViewr dramatically lowers the entry point to 3D Visualisation through an automated, cost-effective and easy to adopt software product, enabling more people and organisations to adopt and benefit from the technology. For those already using 3D Visualisation technology, Viewr offers a solution that is hundreds of times faster and more cost-effective, whilst delivering greater value than current alternatives.


Treliever Road Penryn Campus TR10 9FE Falmouth United Kingdom
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