Luis Almeida

Luis Almeida

Employee, Project Management & Business Management CCG - Centro de Computacao Grafica, Portugal

Project Business Manager for solutions based on computer graphics and information systems for a wide range of areas. Generally interested on applied state of-the-art on computer graphics technics and technologies for innovative solutions development. Special interest on applications focusing on cultural heritage, tourism and edutainment.rnSpecialized on: Project acquisition; Proposal preparation and negotiation; Project Management; International Projects Participation and Collaboration.

CCG - Centro de Computacao Grafica

CCG - Centro de Computação Gráfica (Center for Computer Graphics) was founded in 1993 and established at University of Minho in 2001, as a private and nonprofit research, development, training and consulting association. CCG is qualified as an interface institution, by the Portuguese Ministry of Science and Technology for the Provision of Research and Technological Development Services and for Consulting and Services aimed at supporting innovation in products and processes, for companies and the society in the broadest sense. With 25+ years of existence, the CCG dedicates its activity to applied R&D, in the fields of computer graphics, information, communication and Electronic technologies, as well as to their application at national and international level. CCG is structured in four domains of applied research: rn- CVIG: Computer Vision, Interaction and Graphicsrn- EPMQ: Engineering Process, Maturity & Qualityrn- UMC: Urban and Mobile Computingrn- PIU: Perception, Interact


Campus de Azurém, Universidade do Minho 14 4800-058 Guimaraes Portugal
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