Martin Martn Demmer

Martn Demmer

Freelance, Director, Cinematographer, Volumetric Cinematographer, Martn Demmer - Freelancer - focused on innovative / immersive storytelling., Germany

I have a film background as a Diploma Director and Cinematographer, and I transforms from 2020 into an XR storyteller. Since the middle of 2020, I am active in Volumetric Experiments for XR storytelling. I own a mobile volumetric capture stage (6 sensors / volumetric workstation & volumetric software). I am looking for projects to join and partners and investors for own projects. hhtps:// >>>> Let create XR together!

Martn Demmer - Freelancer - focused on innovative / immersive storytelling.

Volumetric Field Recordings / Volumetric on Location Recordings / as well traditional 2D Director of Photographyrnrn, 6 Azure Kinect Sensors / Volumetric Recording Workstation / Volumetric Capture Softwarern, Basic Unity Skills (soon more) to build volumetric Experiences for VR & Traditional 2D Video Usern, CloudCompare, MeshLab, MeshRoom (for Photogrammetry)


Kraienbruch 9 45357 Essen Germany
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