Maria Courtial

Maria Courtial

CEO, Producer, Management Faber Courtial , Germany

Maria Courtial is co-founder and managing director of one of Germany’s leading VR and VFX studios, Faber Courtial. As producer of award-winning VR films, Maria coordinates and influences the whole production process.rnSince 2015 Faber Courtial has been producing multiple internationally renowned and rewarded VR films. In 2018 the company started to produce independent VR film content. Meanwhile Faber Courtial is also working on interactive VR solutions.rn

Faber Courtial

Faber Courtial is one of Germany’s leading VR & VFX studios and provider of premium VR film content. Their top-level animations have been inspiring viewers since 1998, both in museums and TV documentaries. With their award-winning VR films "Volcanos VR" and “Gladiators in the Colosseum VR” – produced on behalf of Europe’s renowned public-law broadcaster ZDF – the company established itself as VR pioneer on the international market. The company’s outstanding VR film portfolio – lately complemented by the intriguing VR space journey“2nd Step” – has screened on numerous festivals worldwide. Besides, in 2018, Faber Courtial started to produce its very own independent VR film content with the first completely in-house produced VR series “Follow Me”, taking viewers to fascinating events and places throughout mankind’s history. The first two seasons of the series, dealing with Ancient Rome and the Apollo missions, are currently screening on the VR platform of Telek


Rheinstrasse 99 Faber Courtial GbR 64295 Darmstadt Germany
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