Lisa Maria Wurzinger

Lisa Maria Wurzinger

Employee, Immersive Producer GO! Pictures KG, Austria

GO! Pictures KG

GO!insideVR is GO! Pictures very own Extended Reality Studio which focuses on 360°/VR/AR content creation, XR consulting, and interdisciplinary art & music event production. Besides the creation of new formats for XR, cross-platform and transmedia entertainment GO!insideVR is involved in several R&D projects about XR storytelling tools and 6DoF media. rnFounded by Gero A.E. Egger and Lisa Maria Wurzinger, GO!insideVR creates immersive experiences and provides gateways for a broader audience to take part in the constantly evolving virtual world. Their work has been presented at various film festivals worldwide.


Gmeinstrasse 24 8055 Graz Austria
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