Kristopher Blom

Kristopher Blom

CEO, CEO Virtual Human Technologies, Czech Republic

Entrepreneur, VR Consultant, minor-league Public Speaker, Researcher, Computer Scientist, Amateur Psychologist, Engineer, and recovering academic. I have worked in VR since 1998. My background is academic; my research career spanned hardcore computer engineering and CS to applied psychology using VR. I founded Virtual Human Technologies with the goal of helping avatars help people. Our flagship product is Virtual Orator, a VR tool for training Public Speaking.

Virtual Human Technologies

When avatars are no longer just pixels, they rise up to be virtual humans. We believe virtual humans have a higher calling. Our applications enable virtual humans to fulfill their ambitions of helping people. Our flagship product is Virtual Orator, an VR app for professionals to train public speaking skills. Virtual Orator provides the right audience for every training need, whether getting over a fear of public speaking, training specific skills, honing an important presentation, or as a platform testing skills. rn


Na Folimance 2155/15 120 00 Prague 2 Czech Republic
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