Josue Ferri

Josue Ferri

Professor, Telecommunications Engineer AITEX, Spain

Josué Ferri (M), is Telecommunications Engineer in the Technical School of Telecommunication Engineering (UPV). Today's Project Manager of Smart Textiles and ICT Solutions of AITEX, performing various actions related to textile research. He has a lot of experience in smart textiles, printing electronics, and sensors.rn


AITEX works on the textile domain, but also in those fields with close relation to smart textiles like, electronics, software developments, etc. With regard to this, AITEX has also developed smartphone apps and cloud servers which compile and analyses the data received from the sensors and smart textiles in real time Also smart textile solutions for gaming asi in this H2020 project We are open to include our smart textiles to be used as additional components to inmmersive environments.


Plaza Emilio Sala nº1 ES03801 ALCOY Spain
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