Hans-Balder Havenith

Hans-Balder Havenith

Professor, Assoc. Professor University of Liege, Belgium

I'm professor of geohazard assessment at Liege University and rnwe are now creating a collaborative VR lab to improve spatiotemporal perception of 4D geological hazards.rnWe've just submitted an EU proposal to get funds for setting up a wide network of Earth scientists, social scientists, engineers and psychologists around extreme event risk (related to large earthquakes, volcanic flank collapses, Tsunami) - also planning hybrid meetings, using VR technology or 2.5D visualisation (as your event).

University of Liege

Natural Risk perception supported by XR solutions


Department of Geology, B18 District Agora, Allée du 6-août, 14 4000 Liege Belgium
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