Johanna Makelainen

Johanna Makelainen

Professor, Senior Lecturer Haaga-Helia UAS, Finland

My mission is to help individuals and companies understand digitalization on a strategic level yet break it down to easy to understand and execute tasks by intensive coaching. I’m a Copywriter with a passion for everything digital. I have worked in advertising since the beginning of this Millennium. Currently I work at Haaga-Helia as a Senior Lecturer and Consultant in Advertising, Corporate Communications and Journalism.

Haaga-Helia UAS

At Haaga-Helia we are researching immersive customer experiences in travel (XRCX). This research strengthens the ecosystem of both immersive content and technology providers in Finland and provides them with an internationalization trajectory. The research also provides invaluable insight into customer behavior on the immersive customer journey by testing, validating and prototyping appropriate AR, VR ad MR technologies. We are looking for international partner organisations to widen our scope.


Ratapihantie 13 00520 Helsinki Finland
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