Javid Khan

Javid Khan

CEO, Managing Director Holoxica Limited, United Kingdom

Pioneer in holographic 3D visualisation for medical imaging, scientific data, engineering design & architecture. Over 23 years’ experience in microelectronics, photonics and displays. Entrepreneur, founder and director of Holoxica Ltd, a high tech company working on holographic 3D visualisation including digital holograms and holographic video displays. Dr Khan founded Holoxica in 2008 to commercialise the results of his research in Photonics Engineering on Holographic 3D displays.

Holoxica Limited

Our vision is to “Solve 3D”. Holoxica is a tech company specialising in disruptive holographic 3D solutions from motion video displays to static images. Our tech does not need any head gear where 3D images appear in mid-air, viewable naturally, just like "Star Wars". We have an experienced team delivering on extreme hardware, software and 3D graphics projects. We offer a 3D light-field displays capable of showing colour motion video, as well as static digital holograms. We can convert any kind of 3D digital data into a hologram. Our technology is positioned beyond current AR/VR and can be a direct replacement for this. The main uses are in professional applications are in medical imaging, scientific data visualisation, engineering design, architecture and construction.


Lady Lawson Street 3 EH3 9DR Edinburgh United Kingdom
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