Arne Ludwig

Arne Ludwig

Freelance, Media Enabler & DigItal Producer Arne Ludwig Media Production, Germany

Arne has 20 years experience as producer, lecturer & consultant for the media industry. An alumni of Media Arts Academy and International Filmschool in Cologne, he produced feature films, docs, webprojects. In 2015 he started with 360°, VR & immersive tech. He co-founded VR Agency HEADTRIP. Arne was a board member of the First German VR professional association, taught Virtual Reality at University of Mainz. Currently he’s building AR as a service & XR platform solutions for brands & education.

Arne Ludwig Media Production

Augmented and Mixed Reality Solutions in Web, App, Platform. Interactive and communicative immersive technology. VR and Media Production.


Pastor-Krombach-Str. 25 50354 Hürth Germany
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