Geoffrey Allen

Geoffrey Allen

CEO, CEO Mersus Technologies Ltd, Ireland

A career in Digital Media that began in the 1980s when Geoffrey discovered the power of computer vectors. His early career in New York was spent digitising logos for companies like COMPAQ & PIZZA HUT. Today, his company, MERSUS digitizes processes and assemblies for Life Science industry leaders.rnrnTheir Avatar Academy Virtual training platform is described as the ‘Best VR solution for industry training’ by Boston Consulting Group who help Mersus find customers for these leading 4.0 technologies.

Mersus Technologies Ltd

Mersus Technologies create cutting edge technology solutions that empower companies to deliver training programmes in an immersive 3D virtual environment. Our proprietary Avatar Academy Virtual Training Platform is ranked ‘Best in Class User Experience for Virtual Reality (VR)’ by our channel partners Boston Consulting Group who promote it to their clients.rnrnOur client base mainly comes from the life sciences sector which includes, but is not limited to, companies who develop and manufacture in areas of biopharma, medical devices & food processing. rnrnOur Avatar Academy Virtual Training platform replicates physical training environments in a 3D Virtual Reality environment, greatly reducing the need for companies to build and maintain physical cleanroom or laboratory environment training facilitates. rnrnThe platform includes features like User Login, Multi-User capability, and language support. Version 2.0 will add individual learner performance tracking and evaluati


Creggan Dublin Road N37W0X9 Athlone Ireland
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