Antonio Crinieri

Antonio Crinieri


After 25 years of experience in ICT market, in which I've gained experience on the entire value chain thanks to the various managerial roles i covered, since 2016 I have started my own business project, focused on Process and Technological Innovation. I like creating, building and realizing the most ambitious and complex concepts and projects. I like mixing experiences and skills, so discovering new ways of doing things. I like "connecting the dots" to find out which new figure will come out.


We are developing a technological ecosystem aimed to:rn1 - Collection and analysis of telemetric data, by means of AI and ML technologies, of all those particularly fragmented and distributed industrial machines (such as printers, refrigerators, heat and cold machines, etc.) in order to perform predictive maintenancern2 - Automatic assignment of work orders to technicians, based on dynamic variables (eg diagnostics, priorities, skills, spare parts availability, schedule and location of the technician)rn3 - Mobile App on Smartphone / Tablet through which the technician, thanks to a Wizard based on ChatBot and Augmented Reality, will be guided in a simple and intuitive way to the installation of equipment, troubleshooting or searching in natural language of any content in the Knowledge Basern


Via Mecenate 76/36 20138 Milano Italy
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