Frederick Van Gestel

Frederick Van Gestel

Researcher, MD SARA project - UZ Brussel, Belgium

As a Medical Doctor with a special interest in neuroscience and technological innovation, Frederick took up a PhD research project at UZ Brussel investigating the clinical use of augmented reality in Neurosurgery. The Surgical AR Assistance project is developing a new take on neuronavigation, providing the surgeon with 3D insight on the patient's anatomy - see-through vision as it were. Further developing this platform it aims to prepare for a widespread adoption in everyday surgical practice.

SARA project - UZ Brussel

The SARA project was founded with the union of multiple technical, medical and social experts, finding one another through a common interest in AR and innovation. An expressed clinical need boosted the project towards its current state: Surgical AR Assistance providing surgeons with a 3D insight on the patient's anatomy and pathology, continuously tracked and updated in real time. Through an exact anatomical overlay, SARA creates a view inside the patient even before the first cut is made. Planned trajectories and landmarks can also guide a surgeon in training to ensure safer, more intuitive procedures.rnCurrently in its clinical testing stage, SARA already brings a comprehensive platform to go from scan to hologram in less than 30 minutes and further aims to increase the accuracy, ease-of-use and practical application of AR solutions in an everyday surgical setting.


Laarbeeklaan 101 1090 Jette Belgium
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