Frederick Thompson

Frederick Thompson

Freelance, Immersive Designer VR/AR/MR Balthasar Truffaut, France

Expert in VR and AR since 2008. Advertising training (Paris School of Publicity) and artistic training (Virtual reality Laboratrory research from the National School of Decorative Arts). Co-founder of Human Atopic Space, I collaborated at one of the first arts festivals in Paris. I contributed to the Meshmoon Finnish Online Virtual World Development Project. Actually CEO of BalthasarTruffaut, a company specialized in immersive content creation and co-founder of REVV Studio with Laura Mannellirn

Balthasar Truffaut

rnArtistic Direction, Design, Creation, Modeling, Consulting, in Mixed Reality Virtual and Augmented, Workshops animation , public mediation,


rue Guy Moquet 47 75017 Paris France
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