Robin Sho Moser

CEO, CEO eyecandylab, Germany

Robin is the CEO of eyecandylab, a company for video based augmented reality which is backed by Silicon Valley-based investors. He is in charge of identifying global opportunities and building potential strategic partnerships in the telecom and media market. In addition to that, he is also involved in global business development and sales. Recently, he was honored as an "Emerging Leader in Streaming" for his contribution to the industry.


eyecandylab provides a platform to make streaming and broadcasted content interactive and transactable by adding an immersive augmented reality (AR) layer.rnrnOur interactivity platform enables a physical TV screen in the room to trigger personalized AR content and targeted advertising on each mobile device in its vicinity. Vice versa, depending on the individual’s interaction with the AR medium the main screen’s content, storyline and advertising could be influenced to deliver a personalized experience.


Lichtenbergstr. 8 85748 Garching Germany
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