CEO, Co-founder ThirdSense, France

Damien ARNAUD, Civil Engineer, MS Finance, has 15 years of experience in business development with major French groups. He started as a PM for major infrastructures, then he managed a BU of 120 pp, then he co-founded a successful startup that grew from 0 to 70pp before merging with the world leader of parking.rnHe created ThirdSense in 2019 with Joachim KRUITHOF (Engineer, 2x MsC., PhD.) to build a next-generation of haptic interactive technology.rn


We simplify devices interactions with touch sense.rnThirdSense is developing a next-generation of haptic interactive technology that makes the surface of objects intelligent by covering them with a controlled fluid. That defines the fluidic haptics.rnrnOur technology covers the surface of things with a matrix of Tixels (Touch Pixels) that cages a controlled fluid to:rn- deform it to create dynamic 3D buttonsrn- detect user interactionsrn- send rich haptic feedbacks to usersrnThe whole is controlled by proprietary software that creates the magic!rnrnOur tech goes where you usually put your hands. You interact remotely with different devices, with no effort.rnrnIn the Gaming Industry, we transform a gamepad into a morphic gamepad creating dedicated buttons for each game with increased sensitivity and feedbacks.rnWe are bringing a new capability to machines thanks to the human ability of touch and bridge the gap between man and machine.


Boulevard de l’Espérance 31 Espace Jean Mantelet 14123 Cormelles le Royal France
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