Christine Hemphill

Christine Hemphill

CEO, Managing Director Open Inclusion, United Kingdom

I am an inclusive researcher and designer based in France and the UK. I am very interested in XR and lead the Inclusive Design for XR workstream for globally. My main interests are how we consider, design and code for immersive experiences that can be used and appreciated by all, including those with disabilities or other different access needs.

Open Inclusion

We are an inclusive research, insight, design and innovation agency. We specialise in helping innovators and organisations understand how product, service or environment design (digital or physical) impacts people with lived experiences of disability or older age. We provide user research support, co-design and co-creation, inclusive user testing and inclusion-led innovation. We have done significant work in XR supporting universities and major organisations.


Stamford St 30 SE1 9LQ Southwark United Kingdom
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