Charles Nduka

Charles Nduka

CEO, CEO & Chief Science Officer, Emteq Emteq Ltd, United Kingdom

Charles Nduka is a surgeon and a leading expert in facial expression research and sensing. He founded Emteq Labs to improve the lives of patients suffering from social isolation due to facial paralysis. The company is in partnerships with leading universities and is involved in clinical trials. Our customers are companies, developers, content creators and researchers looking to improve objective evaluation of VR experiences using biometric data

Emteq Ltd

EmteqPRO is an integrated multi-modal biometric sensing platform for measuring emotional responses in VR. This technology comprises proprietary sensors comprising facial electromyography, PPG heart rate and heart rate variability, motion sensing for measuring responses annotated to the VR content. We have an API for Unity and a dashboard for visualising raw data. Emteq also has OCOsense glasses in beta, for real world or AR emotion analytics. rn


Sussex Innovation Centre Science Park Road BN1 9SB Brighton United Kingdom
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