Benoit De Schryver

Benoit De Schryver

CEO, Founder and CEO VirtualWalk, Belgium

I am an electrical engineer with a passion for technology and VR.rnI have created VirtualWalk 5 years ago, a business that proposes VR in architecture and real estate. rnVR in those fields is a very powerful tool to help everyone experiences spaces and buildings before they are even built !rnI love running a business that involves technology and science, commercial aspects, communication, HR, finance,... All the topics of the startup world !rn


We provide services in virtual reality to empower your architecture drawings and have you or your clients walk through them as they would in reality !rnBased on your drawings (2D or 3D), we create an interactive 3D model that can be explored with VR equipment (headset, controller). This way your clients can feel the volumes, understand your ideas and experience a future place before it is built ! It can be a house, an apartment or a complete building; interior or exterior can be viewed as well.rnOur systems integrate in your workflow with no additional work, making it suitable for any architectural project.rnAsk us for a free demo, you won't regret it!rnrnWe also work in the event sector, providing fun and educative demos of virtual reality. Be it an enterprise event, a private event or a marketing need, we can create a memorable moment for your audience ! Virtual reality continues to surprise people and take them to other worlds !


Rue Jean-Baptiste Loriaux 12 6210 Frasnes-Lez-Gosselies Belgium
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