Benjamin Ulsamer

Benjamin Ulsamer

Employee, Project Manager XR HUB Nuremberg XR HUB Nuremberg (Part of NIK e.V.), Germany

More than 15 years in the IT industry. More than 5 years teamleader of datacenter Professional Services. Responsible for the apprenticeship of new IT specialists. In my role as Project Manager of the XR HUB Nuremberg iam responsible for building a regional XR-Network, bringing XR-interested people together and making the local XR companies and projects more visible to the market. Lets get connected!rnrn

XR HUB Nuremberg (Part of NIK e.V.)

The XR HUB Nuremberg is a project supported by the Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs. The mission of the XR HUB Nuremberg is to support the exchange, visibility and market access of XR companies and to make XR technology accessible to companies in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.


Theresienstraße 9 90403 Nuremberg Germany
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