Klaus Fuchs

Klaus Fuchs

Researcher, Associate Research Director Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG, Switzerland

I am the Associate Research Director of the Auto-ID Labs ETH / HSG. We work on computer vision based identification of objects, e.g. packaged products. Current research interest includes supporting healthy choice in the supermarket and post-purchase services. In our research, we use computer vision and mixed reality headsets, such as Magic Leap One or Microsoft Hololens. Find out more at www.autoidlabs.ch

Auto-ID Labs ETH/HSG

The Auto-ID Lab based at ETH Zurich and at the University of St. Gallen conducts research in the field of next generation Internet of Things technologies that will revolutionize interfaces between users and objects. We are a non-profit university lab Our research focus lies in human-object interfaces and automated inference of context in order to enable relevant applications. For example, in one of our projects, we use Microsoft Hololens and computer vision to nudge shoppers towards healthy food choices. In another project, we enable workers to interact with a laser cutting machine through a Magic Leap headset. Find out more at www.autoidlabs.ch.


Weinbergstrasse 56 8006 Zurich Switzerland
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