Alexandre Cabrita

Alexandre Cabrita

Researcher, Project Coordinator Cultunatura Lda, Portugal

Since 1991 dedicated himself to experimental archaeology - historical reenactment.rnWith a participation in several events on different historical ages.rnBeliving the History can an instrument for the development of Territories in this 21st Century.rnThrough the OnHistory application - with Augmented Reality - was created the instrument that place the visitor to the historical sites 365 days a year, with safety and productivity.

Cultunatura Lda

How did the Romans build their road network? How did the Iberian medieval forces fought at the Battle of Ourique? How did Magellan navigate through unknown seas? How can I see a Medieval Castle being anywhere? OnHistory is the Mobile Application that will answer all these and other questions through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, available 365 days per year, 24 hours per day, whether inside of your home, at your workplace or at the outside of an historical monument that you may be visiting! This project aims to combine history + tradition + culture, with technological innovation, in order to create a unique product of touristic and cultural animation based on the specificities of the Territories covered.


Avenida do Eiró 19 5400-311 Boticas Portugal
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