Alain Thys

Alain Thys

Freelance, Experience Architect Alain Thys, Belgium

I help create customer, employee and shareholder experiences. My focus goes beyond XR, but also blends physical space, human behaviour and storytelling into experiences that transform and deliver profit. I've set up large-scale programmes influencing stakeholder experiences in over 100 countries for companies like Vodafone, Toyota/Lexus, ING, Bordeaux Wines and many others.

Alain Thys

We can co-create customer, employee and shareholder experiences in a number of ways.rnrnI can come alone, or bring a team of world-class experts in disciplines that range from AI over immersive theatre to perceptual neuroscience. Consider me as:rnrn• the experience architect that ‘makes it all happen’. rn• the sparring partner who helps you think, decide and actrn• the public speaker/producer that inspires your audience.rn• occasionally, the venture partner, who helps disrupt an industry. rnrnrn


c/o Statsnet, Mechelsesteenweg 455/10 1950 Kraainem Belgium
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